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Our pet sitters offer dependable, reliable and personalized pet care services whether you are on vacation or at work. Call us at 440-871-5982!

We provide at-home pet sitting services in Bay Village, Westlake, the East End of Avon and Avon Lake OH.

Looking for reliable in-home pet care for your furry family member? Need pet sitting services? Loving Hands Pet Care has been offering in-home pet care services in Bay Village, OH and the surrounding areas since 2001. We provide professional, loving, compassionate pet sitting and companionship for your pets while you are on vacation, at work or any other time. Whether you need dog care, cat sitting or any other pet sitting services - we can do it all! Contact us today.Pet Sitter With Greyhounds

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Don't be impulsive when it comes to buying a pet for your family. Pets can be very beneficial to people, increasing happiness and reducing depression and stress. There are many different types of pets to choose from.

At Loving Hands Pet Care, we believe that dogs require a lot of work and are not always the best choice for some. Having a dog is a big responsibility but can be very rewarding. A pet is a lifelong commitment, and not something you can just get rid of when the burden becomes too much. One should choose their pets wisely. Be sure you are ready for the commitment of the pet you are adopting. Thousands of pets are dropped off at shelters, or worse, just left to care for themselves every year. Do your research, and you and your pet will be much happier for it.

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Service Areas Include: Bay Village, Westlake, East End of Avon, and Avon Lake OH